Navigating Into the World of Nightlife

The world we lived in is still to be navigated. I know, something is sleeping there idly, waiting for someone to discover it. Stop analyzing life. Just live it. Analysis is what makes it complicated.

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Greetings

Its exactly 12:00 MN, January 1, Philippine time when I started writing this blog. Wow, while all of the Philippine inhabitants are celebrating their New Year, here we are, still in the office burning the midnight oil.Wheewww.

May the coming year promise us with new hope, new adventures, new life and new love to each one of us.

Make it count!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Greeting From Disney and Mt.Kili

It's been six long months, imagine 6 long, pressured months of not blogging due to enormous workloads I am doing.
With these 6 months, I've been to different countries already from Asia to Africa, and I haven't documented any of them.What a waste of memories, all captured only on photographs.
I visited HK Disneyland with my sisters, been to Singapore's Sentosa, danced on Bangkok's infamous DJ Station but not one of them was entered into my blog.So lethargic of me.
It's a day after Christmas and I'm writing this entry with a little pang of loneliness.I have celebrated my last two Christmases in two different countries,one in Dhaka City, Asia and the latest in Dar Es Salaam, Africa.Two different continents.
I have been here in the Land of Mt. Kilimanjaro for two weeks now. What I can say on the place???? Tooooo damned hot.
You know, I haven't been bestowed with a fairer skin so the idea of a humid place is way out of my mind.I like the outdoors but the sun, I abhor it.I love the beaches, but the sun, I despise it.
You can say, "What the fukc?.You should love the sun" Well sorry but I really hate the hot weather.
You know, I have done a lot of things already to lighten my color, from IV Glutathione to Whitening soaps to Whitening lotions but to no avail.Maybe it's in my roots.But a big NO.My brother and two sisters are very fair, really fair.
I spend money for my vanity.Well of course, as a bisexual guy, so should look beautiful, gorgeous and mouth watering.That's why I go to the gym and beauty centers to pamper myself.
But fate has its own way of joking. He send me to a a place of blistering heat.Duhhhh...... I can't do anything. Sacrifice for a better life.
I missed my friends in the Philippines though.
I missed the disco parties.
I missed having mass in St.Jude and Our Lady of La Naval.
I missed the Strabucks coffee session with my right handed friends.
I missed shopping.
I missed celebrating Christmas, feasts, and New Year with my relatives and families.
I missed my one and only of course.
I missed the beautiful sceneries in F and P2.
I missed my Dhaka friendships, my housemates in Dhaka.
I missed all good things in the Philippines, huhuhu.
Well, while I'm having my gym last night,I envy those guys who don't have to work abroad and still sustain their physical and material needs.
But my subconscious mind told me "Inorder to fully understand life, you have to live with it, go with it and experience its hardships".
What can I say? As if I can complain.So with that, I ended it with a dot.Period.

Guys, May the birth of Christ bring forth happiness, tranquility and love to each one of us.May also the coming Year showers us with abundance, joy and lots and lots of LOVE.....
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

White Party

Tonight will be the Annual White Party for bisexuals and gays in the Philippines.It is during this time that street party will be on its maximum.
While some of my friends are enjoying the party in Malate (honestly, I really really really missed this party), here am I in the confines of my flat, infront of my laptop doing nothing but chatting and blogging.Huhuhuhu.....
What I love in White Party is that almost all of the gays and bisexuals in the Philippines are in their best attires, gorgeous looking and yummy. Those gym toned bodies are really delectable, whew....I need a bottle of whiskey guys...
Well, I cannot do otherwise. I cannot just say Darna and poof, I am already in Malate.This is one thing I really missed, partying till early morning with my friends, dancing till our legs hurt and sweating like we are soaked in the rain with all the bodies of hunky dudes brushing my body.
I'm nearing tears now. Sowee.I am too emotional.It's just that I missed my friends especially during these events which are celebrated only once a year.
I'll just watch Grey's Anatomy......When midnight will strike, I'll just play my disco music as if I'm partying also.Too bad, no one is with me while dancing, holding hands as if the night will not end.
Enjoy the party my friends............

Bonding Times 3

After going for my 8pm gym (you know, I don't have the luxury of time to go earlier than 7pm for my gym due to my enormous workloads), I went directly to my colleagues apartment for our Batch 3 party bonding with our boss who will soon to leave our project.Well its just about 200m away from my own flat. Batch 2 party was held in the Malaysians haven.
Seeing the food on the table makes me so hungry. If not for the pain I have while doing my gym, I should have gorged the tempting pasta, chopsuey, and so many other carb -rich food.Whew, my weight lifting and cardio training as well as abs definition routines will be in futile if I will not control myself.
Albeit I have a rule wherein I can eat anything during weekends, that time when we have the party is still a weekday (its a Thursday by the way).
The party was so great, with punch as our main drinks. I love it when they mix lemon juice with vodka. So refreshing....
You know I just started drinking wine 3 yrs ago.Even beer I cannot stand the taste of it before that.Due to peer pressure and the pressure of bisexuality, I get used to it, to the point that I even vomited inside a public transportation. Eewwwww...
Above are my colleagues for the ongoing project here in Dhaka City for WARID Telecom, the 6th operator in the mentioned capital city. The one in green shirt with a cap is my boss, my manager.The one between me and my boss is my supervisor, Zapati.The guy in Puma shirt as well as the guy at the back of my supervisor are Malaysians.All the rest are Filipinos from Sun to Smart to Siemens.Good and friendly guys....
Sorry but I don't have a single spark of crush or admiration physically/sexually to any one of them. They are just not my type, hehehe.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Night Only

I am browsing you tube when I chance upon this funny version of One Night Only.
But how did I like this song, the song per se?
When I went home to the Philippines during my 2-week vacation, I have reunited with my gurl friends.Woah, being with them is like having no problems at all. We went to our favorite hang-out, the infamous school for bisexuals.Actually two of them were already having their masters degree there, hahaha.
After some school exploration, we headed directly to P2, a new disco bar in Q.C.The moment I set my eyes to the new disco bar, I said to myself, "this is a great place".
Truly guys, the place was very lively with lots and lots of gorgeous bi's around.I can sleep here till the next day, hehehe. Inorder to show my dancing prowess (no violent reactions please!Many thanks to Har for inviting me dance in discoes and bars. I got to improve my dancing skills because of him. Mwah to you gurl.), I asked Jeff to accompany me in the dance floor.Oh my god, the music was really enticing so I started with a big bang. With this, one of the guys onstage even partnered with me and asking all sorts of things. But my eyes were fixed to a slim guy just 2m away from me.He is so fuckingly fuckable.Oooopppss, sorry for the words, hehehe. Too bad, I haven't have a chance to go near him due to heavy crowd.As usual, we danced till 5am in the morning. I felt I was injected with a big bottle of endorphines.
The next day, there will be a show in P2 so we agreed to go there instead of Punchline.I want to see how these gay stand-up commedians do their thing in P2. The verdict, so IMPRESSIVE. I really loved them. My favorite of course is Beyonce impersonator.She's very sexy and talented, not to mention she's got Beyonce's looks. You really made my night during that time sister.Love yah. She did Irreplaceable and One Night Only with excellence.She's really prominent.That's how we learn to love more Beyonce's Irreplaceable and One Night Only.
Our money did not go into waste.
Weekend is again nearing and I felt a pang of loneliness. Here in Southern Asia, we cannot find any bars to hangout to.Unlike in the Philippines, its too many to count.
Watch the video people.It's a gay version of One Night Only. Very funny. You'll love it.Promise....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back to Addiction

Woah, don't make any violent reactions to my blog title. I just want to catch attention, hehehe.
It's Thursday again. I can now smell the air of weekends gimik here in Dhaka City.
well, every Thursday, we always have our own shares of gimiks here.While most of the people in Manila are out there drinking their beers in front of stand-up comedians, live bands,and near shores, we on the other hand are drinking our beers in front of a videoke machine, soooooooo fetch, hahaha.
Months ago, due to a hectic work schedule, we were not able to do these all kinds of things, this drinking things. I really missed interacting and flirting with the group especially during the time when all are already tipsy. Wheew, can't wait to do that again.
These past few weeks, we were able to revive this. Actually last week, we have a drinking session with our boss. You know, my boss is a Mexican and I have a crush on him. Too bad, I cannot flirt infront of him, or else he will not sign my timesheet. On second thought do you think he won't mind it? hehehehe.
Tonight, we will have two occassions. For sure beers will flood each apartments. First, we will have first our drinking session with the whole project team, second is the despedida party of one of our colleagues.Thursday is really a very good day. All our energies are in a maximum and problems as well as issues with the project are erased.Why can't be Thursday always.
Time is ticking. We only have 45minutes more left inorder to start the much awaited parties.But I need to go somewhere else first, just do some little routines about an hour for my body. After that, ATTTTTTTTTTTACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK.........
I just received an email from one of my friends and OMG, its already his birthday, his 28th bday (Am I mistaken Jeff???Honestly you look like 23.Uy smiling).Last year, I was there during his bday celebration, a gathering of just small but bonded groups.
I will miss your party bro.Don't forget to send pictures.
Since parties are the theme, I posted here the latest pic during one of our parties. Look at the food, pangmahirap di ba. Mahihirap kasi sila, hehehe.. Just kidding. Most of the guys in the photo are millionaires, and some will soon to be in the millionaires club.
That's it guys........I'm gonna be late for the party........

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Time flies so quickly. One month ago, this exact time, I was boarding the plane for my trip to Hongkong, then for a connecting flight to Dhaka City. Many things have already happened here in Dhaka which I haven't experienced during my first six-month stay.To mention some: Continuous rain causing the whole Dhaka City to be inundated.All I thought, Dhaka City will be erased from the map of South Asia, hehehe.Another is of course, bisexual life in Bangla.Let me relate you some of my bisexual experiences here in Dhaka City.
Last week, one Bangla guy send me an SMS. In fact, this is his exact words: "Hi, this is Rabbi.I got your number from my friend.I'm a pilot, stands 6'.Hope we can be friends". Upon reading the word pilot, my heart pounded so quickly.You know, I have this intense liking for pilot. Damned Ace, he taught me how to love a pilot.(I miss him.....). So I replied. "Are you really a pilot? From what airlines?" Constant exchanges of SMS were done and it came to my knowledge that he knew very well the Philippines. He knows Glorietta, SM Megamall, Makati not to mention Robinsons. Wow this Bangladeshi guy sure have travelled a lot. ( Of course you idiot.He's a pilot......). Well pilots does not know many malls in a certain country unless they stayed there for some couple of days. To make the story shorter, he told me that he really stayed for some couple of months in the Philippines, he's flying a Qatar Airlines and his parents own some fleet of ships. We then decided to meet in his house,located in one of the most elite part in Dhaka City. Truly, when I reached his place, woah, a huge house held my breath with its own security guard. He's really a loaded pilot.I told to myself, I cannot just enter into his place.You know I'm a foreigner.One of my neurons is telling me that not-so-good something will gonna happen. So I refused his invitation, well for the sake of Goodness and for following the dictates of my wit.
Rewinding, how did this pilot get my number? I can vividly remember, I met with 4 Bangladeshi guys 2 weeks ago. We had a drinking spree in Mirpur, infront of a PC airing India's MTV Meet or Delete program.After a couple of hours, one guy is touching me including my private parts. You know this was just OK but for a guy wherein I don't have any desires, let's just continue drinking, hehehe.
Well, the drinking session ended in a not so steamy S. Naughty you.....
I later found out that one of the guys who engaged in the orgy gave my number to one of his friends, the pilot. So that's how it was scattered. Hay, number can really scatter like a devouring and searing fire...........
Lately guys, I feel not so blissful. I don't know why? Maybe due to stress in work. While some of my other colleagues are sitting pretty, here I am, doing lotsa and lotsa of things.I don't envy them since it is still manageable.It's just that workload was not so evenly distributed but I managed to have a smile when I saw the pics above. So cute......
By the way, I found a new BF, a Filipino and a call center agent.
let's discuss him on my next blog.....

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pampalipas Oras

Whew, I'm already two weeks here in Bangladesh but still I missed all the good things to be done in the Philippines, from disco craze, inuman sessions, hugging my hubby and some other trivial things which makes a simple person happy.
Well, I was so bored today so I decided to create one video for some of my pix.
Still have to be edited.Still practicing, hehehe.

Heres a snapshot of the video that I created.
Hope you enjoy it.
Open your speakers.....